Ziplock bag

Ziplock bags (bags with ziplock, reclosable, hook-and-loop) are the most practical and widely used type of polyethylen bags due to the fact that these bags can be easily, manually closed, even hermetically. In addition, the opening-closing method can be repeated several times without damaging the plastic bag itself. Polyethylene packaging products can be produced and distributed at a relatively low price. We can produce bags in very wide variety, as far as sizes and other parameters are concerned. All these listed advantages make the zip lock bag one of the most commonly used industrial, domestic and commercial packaging bags.

Ziplock bag


  • width: 40 – 1000 mm
  • length: 60 – 700 mm
  • thickness: 0.04 – 0.15 mm


  • transparent
  • dyed in the mass
  • top- or bottom-loading
  • antistatic
  • punch-marked (shapes of ventillation hole, round, EURO hole)
  • perforated
  • pocket-type version (dental bags)
  • on-demand printing

    It may be possible to change the height over the zip lock and we can provide the multilayer film structure with ultrasonic welded zip-lock.

Materials used in manufacturing:



Area of application:

  • Thanks to the zip-lock, these bags can be opened and closed many times. It can be used in numerous areas of packaging (microelectronic products, small items of metal hardware, foods, clothes, etc.).


  • transparent, no-flavour, no-odour, chemical resistant, harmless, cold resistant
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