Shrink film and tube

Shrink film is characterized by (mono or biaxial) shrinking under thermal effect. Thanks to this feature, this product can be used to pack more similar products into a bigger unit. It is mostly used for unique product or product groups pacakging. Shrinking can be done several ways: automated, semi-automated or with manual machines as well. It is widely used among companies manufacturing mineral water, soft drinks, tinned products, energy drinks, etc. The packaging protects the product from external impacts, and can resist the process of shipping, strorage and merchandising. Can be well managed: Can be extreded in UV stable, slip-resistant or dyed in the mass versions as well. Additionally, if required it can be produced in printed and/or perforated design. Polyethylene (in case of shrink film usually LDPE or MDPE) can be used to package products while using a relatively low temperature as it can shrink highly on such temperatures with the specially developped packaging machines with great speed. The optical qualities are outstanding and the mechanical resistance of the packaging is high. Packaging made of shrink film can be used ideally for food industry purposes as it has no-flavour, no-odour qualities. Excellent printing properties are available in 8 colours and the full colour printing method is available as well. Great evironmental advantage is if collected separately, they can be well recycled. After proper recycling, material properties are equal to the original material.

Stretch foil, ESD packaging, , Shrink film and tube

Sizes available:

  • film thickness: From 0.03 mm
  • tube strung width: 70 – 2100 mm


  • transparent
  • dyed in the mass
  • antistatic
  • perforated
  • printed
  • on-demand printing

Materials used in manufacturing:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • mLLDPE

Area of application:

  • general and special packaging purposes food-, light-, chemical-, mechanical industries and other areas mostly for shrinking machines


  • transparent, high-strenght, cheimcal resistant, no-flavour, no-odour, harmless, cold resistant
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