ESD packaging

ESD packaging – electrostatic discharge protection packaging is an essential tool for safe transportation and storage of most electronical products.

This packaging was especially designed to stop static electricity from forming and therefore, provide safety to the products inside the packaging. Several factors might cause electrostatic charge such as other devices, friction or even the weather.

ESD packaging is an optimal solution in electronics industry as well. Ingtegrated circuits made out of semiconductor materials (like silicon) and insulating materials may get destroyed if subjected to high currents. Producers and users of ingtegrated circuits must make precautions, and use the proper packaging materials and printing techniques in order to avoid such problems.


ESD, antistatic, conductive products’ qualities:


  • bag, gusset bag from 20 x 60 mm
  • film thickness: from 0.007 to 0.25 mm


  • transparent
  • blue, yellow, black – dyed in the mass
  • with zip
  • crinkled
  • punch-marked (shapes of ventillation hole, round, EURO hole and perferated)
  • in case of antistatic 1011 Ohm
  • in conductive case 105 Ohm
  • perforated
  • with adhesive strip
  • on-demand printing

Materials used in manufacturing:

  • LDPE-MDPE-HDPE-LLDPE-mLLDPE and their processing aids

Area of application:

  • general and special packaging purposes in areas of light industry,chemical industry, electrotechnical industry, pharmaceutical industry, car industry, mechanical industry, health care and other industrial areas

Available mechanical and optical properties:

  • transparent, high-strenght, cheimcal resistant, no-flavour, no-odour, harmless
Stretch foil, ESD packaging, , Shrink film and tube

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