VCI Packing

Protection against corrosion serves to protect metal and other materials from chemical degradation (corrosion). Protection against corrosion works on the basis of VCI-inhibitors’ effects. The anti-corrosive material first gets vaporised (it sublimates) from the packaging material (i.e. :polyethylene, paper, foam) and it forms a protective layer (adsorption layer) on the metal surface. This invisible protective layer intervenes actively and passively in the corrosion process and protects the metal reliably against corrosion.

VCI products:

  • VCI – gusset bag
  • VCI – bag
  • VCI – sheet
  • VCI – film
  • VCI – tube
  • VCI – half-tube


  • bag, gusset bag from 20 x 60 mm
  • film thickness: 0.03 – 0.25 mm


  • transparent
  • blue – dyed in the mass
  • crinkled
  • punch-marked (shapes of ventillation hole, round, EURO hole and perferated)
  • antistatic
  • perforated
  • with adhesive strip

Materials used in manufacturing:

  • LDPE and anti-corrosive additives

Area of application:

  • general and special packaging purposes in areas of light industry, chemical industry, car industry, mechanical industry,and other areas especially in sea transportation

Available mechanical and optical properties:

  • transparent or blue, high-strenght, anti-corrosive
VCI Packing, PLA products,, Polyethylene gusset bag, bag, flat film, shrink hood
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