Tube, half tube, plain film, pa/pe film, easy peel, and co-extruded films

Tube, half tube, plain film and co-extruded films are made from polyethylene granulate by blow moulding technology which is one of the frequent processing technologies of thermoplastics. This operation is the extrusion during which the material is melted by electric heating in the shell and on the surface of the extruder screw then leaves through the mould of ring cross-section in the form of melt, resulting in tube shaped finished product. By adjusting the machine parameters (material quantity, speed, etc.) we can vary the neccesary sizes. Half tube is made by cutting the tube on one side, while the plain film by cutting on both sides.
Easy peel and other co-extruded material can be excellently combined with paper, aluminium and LDPE materials, resulting in a special packaging material.


  • tube strung width: 70 – 2100 mm
  • thickness: 0.007 – 0.25 mm


Tube, half tube, film, co-extruded films:

  • transparent
  • dyed in the mass
  • crinkled
  • surface treated
  • surface treated – strips
  • antistatic
  • perforated
  • printed
  • on-demand printing

Area of application:

  • general and special packaging purposes in areas of food industry, light industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry and other areas


  • transparent, high-strenght, cheimcal resistant, no-flavour, no-odour, harmless, cold resistant       
Tube, half tube, plain film, pa/pe film, easy peel, and co-extruded films, BOPP products

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