PLA products

PLA (poly lactic acid) is a biodegradable plastic produced from plants. Products made out of this material, in proper conditions in compost facilities can degrade and are harmless to our nature. It can be produced mainly from corns of high starch content (primarily corn) by lactic acid fermentation and polycondensation, or ring-opening (dilactide) polymerisation. Our polyethylene products can be produced mostly from PLA base material as well.

Materials used in manufacturing:

  • 100% PLA

Area of application:

  • primarily storage of green wastes

Some of our PLA products:

  • PLA – gusset bag
  • PLA – bag
  • PLA – sheet
  • PAL – film
  • PLA – tube
  • PLA – half-tube

Our company is highly commited to environmental protection, therefore, we would be delighted to participate in related projects and causes.

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